Company founder Mustafa Okur decided to enter the food sector in 2015 with his knowledge, experiences and observations gained during his travels abroad. Because, for him the greatest demand of mankind that will not change has been need for food. In line with this need, he has aimed to bring fresh fruits and vegetables directly from farmers to consumers with the vision of ''everyone's right to eat well''. For this reason, he has worked with a lot of companies.Contributing to the current vision he increased his experience each passing day. Terramia's vision on fresh fruits and vegetables has shown to the whole world that the products grown in these lands are first quality. Our biggest goal is to deliver fresh fruits and vegetables that are grown in this country to the country where they will go right on time and to make the customers %100 happy.

We wish that the confidence we build around the world will continue and we want everyone to be happy. Because every work done passionately always ends happily.